Adjustable Kitchen Apron with Pockets Unisex

$15.99 - $17.99

Our aprons are made according to a specific theme so explore all of the styles and colors we offer for both adults and children!

The ultimate workwear apron in kid's size! This medium weight denim apron has a classic deep indigo blue tone that is complemented by made-to-last yellow stitching for all hems and pockets. Matching denim mitts, brass metal grommets and brown faux leather touches complete the look of this apron.

Features a 55” long brown cross back strap that can be adjusted and fitted to your child's torso. This unique design eliminates the need for having to tie anything around your neck which translates to a more comfortable, liss fidegty and natural fit.

Measuring 20” in width and 23” in length, this apron is made for children ages 5 to 12. Features 5 pockets of varying sizes that can be used to store a notebook, cell phone, tools, goggles and small accessories. Two loops made of faux leather can be used for hanging long tools such as a spatula or scissors.

Apron designed for all types of activities including inside and around the home and in work settings to. Accompanying mitts are lined with heat resistant cotton making them ideal for handling hot items such as oven racks, hot glass, grills, tools and cooking pots. Want a matching apron for adults? This same apron and mitt set is available in a larger size for adults so you and your child can match!

Style: Classic Denim

Color: Deep Indigo Blue

Accessories: Matching Oven Mitts

Sex: Unisex - Children

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