Arched Reversible Memory Foam Travel Pillow with Arm Gap + Eye Mask and Ear Plugs


Travel in comfort with our Arched Reversible Memory Foam Travel Pillow which was designed to be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces thanks to a multi-function unique design that will translate into a comfortable flight, road trip or train ride.

To make your trip even more comfortable, our pillows come with a pair of memory foam earplugs and a black eye mask that will completely block out all light. For added convenience, pillow case comes in a travel drawstring bag which will keep the pillow clean until you are in your seat.

The unique arched shape means if you use this on a horizontal surface such as a table, you can slide your arms underneath the arch. When used vertically such as on a plane seat, the pillow’s 4 legs hold your neck and head in place, preventing neck strain. Flip it around and the pillow will act as an added support for your head.

Pillow is made of non-toxic memory foam and covered with a breathable lush cotton cover that is made of 82% Cotton, 13% Polyester and 5% Spandex. Foam covers are available in Space Gray, Indigo Blue, Aqua Green, Scarlet Red and Apricot Yellow. Remove cover easily by unzipping and wash in cold water.

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