Set of 2 Circular Embossed Triple-Compartment Pocket Purse Pill Box & Organizer (Gold Ridge)


Collection of triple-compartment pill boxes that will help keep your medicine, vitamins and supplements organized!

Set of 2 circular pill organizers, thoughtfully designed to make medication management easier and more convenient. These sleek pillboxes are crafted from chrome-plated stainless steel, ensuring durability and a touch of elegance. Each pill box features an embossed design on its curved lid.

Measuring D 1.85" X H 0.5", inside each pillbox, you'll find a BPA-free plastic divider that allows you to separate your pills into 3 separate compartments, providing a convenient way to organize your medication. With a combined capacity to hold between 10 to 25 pills, depending on their size, these pillboxes are perfect for managing daily medications or vitamins.

The triple compartment compact pillboxes are designed with a secure spring latch that ensures your pills remain safely stored and prevents accidental spills. The latch also provides easy access when it's time to take your medication.

Take control of your health and medication management with the dual compartment compact pillboxes. They're the perfect companions for those who value organization, convenience, and style.

DesignGold Ridge

Quantity: 2

Size: D 1.85" X H 0.5"

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