Made in USA 100-Count White Kraft Paw Print Paper Tin Tie 1/2 Pound Dog or Cat Treat Bags with Laminated Liner (3.4" X 2.5" X 7.75")

S7223 PAW

Seal in freshness with these tin-tie paper bags that combine superior quality and environmental sustainability into a package that delivers ease of use and complements the quality of the products inside.

Pack of 100 Natural Brown Kraft Tin Tie Coffee Bags with clear window that are made from 50# basis Natural Kraft paper with laminated clear poly liner and tin-tie closure. Bags can hold 1 pound of goods and are manufactured in compliance with FDA regulations for food packaging.

Made in the USA, these bags have a flat bottom and an easy to use tin tie closure attached. The tin-tie, which is attached to the top of the bag, is used for reclosure and to seal in freshness. The poly liner prevents natural oils from leaking out or seeping into the bag.

Made using FSC-certified paper, water soluble glue and a minimum of 50% recycled content, these bags are an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional plastic bags. The clear window of these lined bags measures 2.75” X 3” and is a great way to market your goods and for customers, the window allows them to see when their favorite coffee or food item is running low.

Stronger than plastic bags, these paper bags are not only environmentally friendly, but also an economical, practical way to easily display and transport a wide variety of items including coffee, candy, dry soups, confections, natural products and other dry goods. 

Product Information:

Style: Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Window Size: 2.75” X 3”

Made In: USA

Paper Weight: 50#

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