Made in USA Pack of 250 Unwrapped BPA-Free Plastic Slim Drinking Straws (Blue - 10" X 0.21")


Proudly Made in the USA using BPA-free plastic, these high quality straws ship in packs of 250 and are available in several different colors for all your hot and cold drinking needs!

Pack of 250 straws, available in several different color options and sizes. These straws are unwrapped, eliminating unnecessary packaging and reducing waste.

Proudly Made in the USA using BPA-free plastic, these straws are a more eco-conscious way of enjoying your favorite beverages.

Available in multiple colors, pick the shade that best matches your personal style or event theme.

From smoothies to regular cold drinks, we have the right straw size for every sip and glass size. Make the sustainable choice without compromising on quality or convenience.

Available in the following sizes:

Smoothie & Boba: Measuring 8.5" in length and 0.5" in diameter, these straws are perfect for enjoying thicker beverages like smoothies and boba drinks.

Regular: At 10" in length and 0.28" in diameter, these straws are suitable for a wide range of cold beverages.

Slim: Also measuring 10" in length but with a narrower diameter of 0.21", these straws are ideal for beverages that require a more delicate sip.

Slim Extra Long: If you're looking for a straw to accommodate taller glasses or novelty drinks, the Slim Extra Long straws, at 18" in length and 0.21" in diameter, are the perfect choice.

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