Set of 6 Tiered Marble Ceramic Condiment Spice Jars & Drawers With Spoons, Bamboo Lids and Rack (Gray)


Simplify your culinary experience and keep your kitchen tidy with our versatile condiment jar set!

Enhance your kitchen organization with our Set of 6 Tiered Marble Ceramic Condiment Spice Jars & Drawers. This set features three ceramic marble jars with accompanying bamboo lids and ceramic spoons, as well as three convenient drawer-like spice jars, all elegantly displayed on a tiered bamboo rack.

The top row of the tiered rack showcases three ceramic marble jars, each measuring 3.1" in diameter and 2.9" in height, with a generous 10 fl oz capacity per jar. The accompanying bamboo lids and ceramic spoons provide easy access to your favorite spices and condiments.

The bottom row consists of three drawer-like spice jars, with dimensions of 3.3" in diameter and 1.9" in height. These drawers do not have lids and can be easily pulled open using the bamboo knobs, allowing for effortless access to your frequently used spices.

The tiered display rack is crafted from bamboo and measures 12.5" in length and 3.75" in width. It features handles built into the sides for easy portability and predrilled holes on the back for convenient hanging on your kitchen wall, which will also free up countertop space.

All ceramic jars and drawers feature an exquisite marble print, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen décor. They are perfect for storing various condiments and spices, including sugar, chili flakes, cornstarch, salt, and more.




Color: Gray

Bamboo Rack Dimensions: L 12.5" X W 3.75"

Spice Jar Dimensions: D 3.1" X H 2.9"

Spice Drawer Dimensions: D 3.3" X H 1.9"

Spoon Length: 4.5"

Set Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz



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