Leopard Vintage Luxuriant 3mm Metallic Mesh (Full Pack 100s or 120s) Cigarette Case Purse


The 3mm version of these silk mesh cigarette cases was released in the 1950s and proved to be an instant hit. Stephanie Imports is one of the last remaining manufacturers of these hard-to-find cigarette cases. The slightly larger 4mm version is newer and features the same mesh design with individual mesh nodes measuring larger than their 3mm counterparts.

This Gold Leopard Print mesh cigarette purse has a sleek padded silk inner layer that accentuates the shine of the outer mesh casing. This cigarette purse will hold a full pack of 100s or 120s cigarettes. Kiss lock clasps keep the purse sealed and contents secured inside.

Holds one standard 100s or 120s cigarette box; (5” Height X 2.25” Width X 1” Depth); Outer Dimensions: 7.25” Height (including clasp) X 3 1/2” Width X 1” Depth; Inner Dimensions: 6.25” Height X 3” Width X 1.75” Depth.

Material: 3mm aluminum mesh that provides an ultra-soft feel. Can comfortably slip into your bag and is also great for holding sunglasses, credit cards, driver’s license, ID cards, cash and all types of smoking accessories.

Looking for something else? We offer our cigarette cases in several sizes: From a regular sized cigarette case that accommodates a full pack to slightly smaller 16-count pack, a compact half-pack size and an ultra-compact size. We have cigarette cases for Regular Size, King Size, 100s and 120s and in both metallic and leather finishes. Please see our other cigarette case listings for more options.

Color: Gold Leopard Print

Mesh Node Size: 3mm

Holds: 100s or 120s Cigarettes

Size: 7.25” Height (including clasp) X 3 1/2” Width X 1” Depth

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