Pack of 150 Gold Foil Biodegradable 4-Ply Paper Drinking Straws (Compostable, Non-toxic, BPA-free)

S6639 GLD

Made using non-toxic, BPA-free and Chlorine free materials, these 4-ply paper straws ship in packs of 150 or 300 and are available in over 20 different colors and patterns.

Extra strength 4-Ply Paper straws that are 7.75” long and have a diameter of 0.25”. Made with 4-ply paper which translates into thicker and more resilient straws that won’t wilt or change shape in both hot and cold drinks.

Made using non-toxic, BPA-free and Chlorine free materials, our paper straws are biodegradable and unlike plastic straws, they won’t stay in landfills for years, pollute oceans or pose a threat to marine life.

Considering that most straws are used for less than 20 minutes before being discarded, paper straws are ideal for everyday use around the house. Use as many as you’d like and discard afterwards in your home compost!

With over 20 different colors and patterns, including our highly popular silver and gold foil straws, you’ll find a color and pattern to complement the theme of your party or event such as weddings, birthday and other celebrations. Suitable for both cold and hot beverages!

Our dedication to reducing plastic waste doesn’t just stop at the product. The packaging for both 150- and 300-count straws is made of recyclable natural paper Kraft and we only use single color ink to further reduce our straws’ environmental footprint.

Size: 7.75” X 0.25”

Material: 4-Ply Paper

Combined Paper Weight: 350 gsm

*Foil straws, due to the presence of metal, are not biodegradable.

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