Stephanie Imports Modern Minimalist Blue & Gray Wall Clock


Designed with the modern home and office place in mind, these contemporary wall clocks challenge traditional design aesthetics by using materials and designs that are eye-catching and modern. Browse our growing collection of wall clocks to find your perfect match.

Our collection of eye-catching wall clocks creates a contemporary focal point in any room you put them in, making them both a practical and stylish addition to your home.

This clocks measures 11.5”X 11.5” and features a royal blue FORESCOLOR ecoboard dial that is 0.30” thick. The clock hands are made of polished acrylic with a crisscross pattern on the hour hand and light gray color for the minute hand. Operates with 1 AA battery which is not included.

Wall clock is completely silent thanks to a special Silent Quartz Mechanism that features a continuous, high torque smooth sweep motion that completely eliminates any ticking noise which may distract or interrupt you or others in the room.

Hanging hook on back of clock allows you to easily hang this on any nail, screw or wall hook. Is suitable for home or office use and also makes a great gift. 

Dial Material: FORESCOLOR Ecoboard

Color: Light Gray on Royal Blue

Size: 11.5” X 11.5”

Thickness: 0.30”

Clock Hands Material: Polished Acrylic

* FORESCOLOR is a range of engineered colored MDF boards that are durable and maintain appearance in tough environments.

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